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Shockwave sketch - the original drawings


Ratchet - inked from original sketch

Megatron - coloured from the inked drawing

Soundwave - finished comic panel



It is the year 2005....

The 20th anniversary movie is being released. The last time I had watched the movie was I believe close to 2000. The last time I ever watched a Transformers episode was I got a glimpse of the new 'Robots in Disguise' anime that was being released.

I had watched Beast Wars, and some Beast Machines, but they just weren't as appealing to me as the original cartoon series. (Just a personal preference, I really liked the mechanical robots as opposed to the more organic ones. I like Beast Wars though, good series) When Dreamwave released their first issues of the new G1 series, me and my university friends went nuts to see TF comics back in stores.

But what really got me back into the world of Transformers and the original "Generation 1" that I loved so much? I remembered from my childhood when I was very young watching the original 3 episodes of the series again and again. I remember always asking my mom whenever we went to the video store if I could rent it for beta. I vaguely remembered Soundwave and Starscream's voice. (And of course, Optimus Prime) But the voice that always stuck out the most in my mind was Megatron. He just had a really deep, gravelly voice that I couldn't quite remember but was always in my subconscious.

Then one day at work around Christmas, I was alone at our little office and everyone else was on vacation so there wasn't much to do. I remember at lunch flipping to youtube, and for no apparent reason at all, typing in "Transformers". Up popped a little music tribute video. But it had sound clips from the original series. And I heard Megatron. And instantly, just like that - I was hooked all over again.


I should also point out then I am a comic book maniac. Up until now I had seen some of Dreamwave's work for TF, but I was mainly buying manga. I found my tastes in japanese anime switching to manga rather than the TV shows, which is probably because they are geared to a younger audience and quite frankly, the stuff they show here where I live is not the highest of quality.

Anyhow, I had been reading quite a few webcomics to this point. I love webcomics. I love humour in general. I had always wanted to do one of my own but I could never find the motivation. I thought to myself... what if I could do one and update it regularly? Well I'd need to buy myself a site... and design it... and then make sure I was drawing regularly. Could I do this?

July 2006

I decided to theme my webcomic to the original Transformers, because it was something different - I have found a few transformers webcomics over the past year and I read them regularly as well. Some of my friends wanted me to do a World of Warcraft/MMORPG comic, but really, there are a lot of those and some are excellent, I just thought video game themes were a dime a dozen. Not to say a webcomic based on EQ, or WoW, or video games in general etc. is bad. They're great, I just wanted to be different.

And so, on July 24th 2006, Comics in Disguise was born. I had thought about a 'good' name for the site, something that might stick out and also possibly be used later on for some original works.

The year is now 2007...

When I first started drawing comics my technique was vastly different. It took sometimes over a week to properly finish comic panels because I was drawing directly on the computer to 'ink', and tracing for me took forever. I remember always wishing I could update regularly, twice a week even.

Then I got my own inking pens. I already owned a small light table, so by inking by hand I could finish that lengthy process in a fraction of the time. (It still takes a good amount of time, but compared to what it used to)

Now I can update regularly Mondays and Thursdays. (Also technically I do it late Sunday/Wednesday in order for people waking up before I do to check the site before heading to school/work)

My first task was to improve the artwork up to a point where I was no longer embarassed to post it for the world to see. The second task is to make it funny/interesting enough for people to see it once, then want to keep looking at it. It is an ongoing project that takes a vast amount of time, but I absolutely love it.

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