Comics in Disguise

Happy Birthday Comics in Disguise!

Alas, where did the year go? So many comics, so many late nights of posting. I hope everyone has had as much fun reading them as I have making them. But don't worry, there's no stopping right now! This week will contain daily updates of spoofs and art images as well as a full week of news updates for this week's special theme.

Contact me here, or as usual, send hatemail here. (No, it doesn't go to the same person, mwa ha ha ha ha)

Big thanks to my friends that have helped me along the way with comics, proof reading, ideas and everything else.

And o f course, without you the readers, all the effort that I go to weekly would be all for waste if there was no one around to see it. So thank you for reading, I am very grateful, and please continue to enjoy! is an unofficial generation 1 transformers fan site and dedicated to all of you who, like myself, grew up watching the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out. The comics are mainly based off the original cartoon series which began in 1984.


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