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When I first decided I was going to make this website, I quickly went and drew as many Transformers images as I could. Most of these were absolute garbage that I would never show a living soul. That being said, here are some of my original drawings from that very night.
Above us is my first ever CiD banner. It's Jazz... and he's drinking a gigantic cup of coffee.

Shockwave - drawn in midnight blue crayola marker. I ran out of paper for his feet.

Prowl looks like an idiot. Why he's grinning and pointing to himself, I have no clue. This one was done with a ballpoint pen.


The original comic I drew seems to be pretty popular, or else simply for the fact that it's the first one ever put on this site and so accumulated the most hits. You can find it here.

After checking through my stats, I discounted the first 8 comics (since people would be flipping through them quickly after seeing the first, and found the most popular comic to be this one. (This is to date of course)

I saw this one linked on a message board and I was so happy. Freekin' Protectobots.

Here's a couple of old banners I don't use anymore either:

The Decepticon Seekers


Also... a never EVER seen before comic, the first one I ever made, over a year ago, and then coloured. My initial concept for the site was to have the Autobots living together, having not heard from the Decepticons in years, and having to make their own way in the world. So everyone had jobs. Obviously - problems followed with this theory, the largest being how long I could keep it up. I decided just to let my own continuities spin and play out more like episodes and mini arcs than a greater whole. Would I ever consider what I just wrote as an arc? Well you'll see... (This is also why my ACTUAL first comic has Starscream and Megatron playing at the computer... that was how they were going to spend their days while the rest of the Decepticons worked for their energon too) is an unofficial generation 1 transformers fan site and dedicated to all of you who, like myself, grew up watching the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out. The comics are mainly based off the original cartoon series which began in 1984.


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