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"You killed him!"
"Nah, he just fainted after seeing Transformers 3"

November 19th

I haven't really had a newspost in a while... I suppose that's because I'm trying to post more in the forums and on deviant art. Some day I shall create a site where it all kind of merges into two different places but being the same post. That being said I've been kind of depressed about work (as usual) and stressing a lot over it. This time of year always gets insanely busy where I end up working crazy amounts of OT for virtually nothing... This year I thought maybe it could be different. And maybe it can be, maybe I can just try and set people's expectations a little less than I normally do and give myself crazy deadlines. But we'll see.

However being in kind of a dark mood has honestly been nothing but good for comic writing.. ha ha.


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September 30th

Wow... I hadn't realized I hadn't updated this section in over a month. Well, tomorrow is the 1st day of October and we're still on the same comic story, it's almost been two years now I think. A lot has happened though and I'd like to think that all of our characters have grown. Bluestreak is finally starting to come into his own as he leaves Devcon to head back to Earth to fulfill his purpose - to use the matrix to revive everyone!

August 20th

Finally... after 2 years of planning and waiting... it all comes to fruition!

August 12th

Update posted on time, as promised! I sort of split the pages I had drawn up, so this is like a page and a half. The good part about having it done early was I got to play around with it a bit until I had something that I was pretty happy with.

One thing that surprised me after I had put it together - how menacing and disturbing it got with both Bluestreak crying for help and Devcon actually being scared. If Devcon is angry there really isn't a large threat of danger, because you know he's got some kind of plan and is ready to kick some aft. But being scared and pleading with Hook made me feel scared for them too, like he's all out of options and becoming desperate. Epic conclusion next Monday? I was thinking of maybe posting something Thursday but I might put two more comics together for an epic comic of epicness.

August 7th

Update posted on time, as promised! I sort of split the pages I had drawn up, so this is like a page and a half. The good part about having it done early was I got to play around with it a bit until I had something that I was pretty happy with.

Sorry I haven't been updating this new section as often as I've been updating the comics. Usually it's because I post them really late at night. I've been trying to at least post some journal updates on deviant art. If all goes well and I get off my aft and work on a new site design I'll be able to integrate the news posts much better, and post from anywhere!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the comic. These next parts were a long time coming, and they're already written out, so it's just a matter of me putting the pencil to the paper and having at it. I hope you're enjoying the story so far!

July 9th

Aaand sneaking this in right at the deadline of Monday. Self imposed deadline of course, but if I can't stick to a deadline at least somewhat how should I expect people to check the site and read the comics? I've been doing quite well at regular updates now and don't worry - they will continue!

July 3rd

Hey Happy America Day cousins South of the border! We celebrated our own holiday up here over the weekend and it was awesome. Except my air conditioner died. That was less than awesome and it was brutally hot. Too hot to draw, too hot to sit at my computer and draw/colour. But I toughed it out tonight to bring you guys the comic... the a/c is getting fixed tomorrow morning THANK GOODNESS.

I'm such a wimp for heat.

June 18th

Wow it's been a while since I've been here to update anything. Really I should just connect to a blogging system or something like they have on deviant art. Then I can write sort of whenever I want and not worry too much about formatting, etc. Well.. there's always the dream.

So finally after maybe a year (maybe less, at least it makes a decent comic read through) Hook comes out of his flashback dream. Things might get a little crazy from this point on, I'm trying to write it all out in advance so I can keep it going at a steady pace. And when I say crazy I mean crazy.

April 23rd

Whew, not having to post something in full colour actually takes the stress off of making my posts - I hope they're still enjoyable for people. Sometimes I think I ruin the comics with my bad colouring.. lol.

April 17th

Update... update! I originally had another comic planned for this update, then I decided I needed an in-between before I had Hook running through a battle zone. (People would rightly be like.. 'where did this come from') So this is the in-between before that comic.

April 9th

Well it's been a while, that's for sure. These next few comics/panels have been a bit difficult to articulate on paper, being a little outside my normal comfort zone of comics. (The last time I did anything close to relationship type stuff I remember being pretty nervous about it) But hopefully everyone will enjoy it.

I've been a bit down about art stuff lately. But I went to the art gallery last weekend so it's given me a bit of inspiration to keep on going. I had a lot of fun doing art projects and this comic over the weekend and I've already got another one all drawn out so hopefully I can keep it up for back to regular updates!

February 27th

And three weeks later... I've started colouring the comics on my lunch breaks at work just to try and get it finished faster. Although it was nearly done half a week ago I felt it needed something more, so I brooded on it for a few days until I refined the script (cut it in half basically, I think I removed a lot of superfluous chatter) and added in some panels of Hook talking to Wheeljack. I'm sorry that these take so long... I've been talking to Megatron actually on doing some out of character comics with me for fun so I have something to post in-between the story comics. We'll see how it goes!

January 23rd

Well it's been a while hasn't it? Man I've missed drawing these 'bots but to be honest when I started this weekend it didn't feel like I was out of practice. ...I suppose doing art probably way more consecutively than I had before I started can attribute to a lot of it. In fact I think my lines have gotten even better since I took the break. (I only wish I had like, a week to colour, but maybe I just need more and more practice) I hope you enjoy this foray back into the story. We saw Starscream earlier in this story arc rescuing Skyfire from within his icy prison. If anyone is wondering I chose to set Hook's story towards the beginning of the war against the Autobots and Decepticons, where you can't quite see the devastation the prolonged war has caused yet.

January 3rd

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I was super busy doing art stuff to try and finish my art portfolio for applying to grad school for next year, so we'll see how that goes. One of my pieces I have on the homepage, I hope you like it, I've actually been working on it on and off for a couple years now.

November 7th

So here's another OOC comic - the next comic in continuity is about halfway done. I'm trying to ease myself back into things and still post. I had a 'decent'(?) comic for this week, ever since my first comic about D&D which you can find here, I wanted to come back and do another one after I actually like, started playing.

I also like playing up the Ratchet x Smokescreen rivalry for the fair Moonracer's heart. I myself am quite a jealous bot... fortunately... unfortunately?

November 1st

I hope everyone had a good halloween! After spending yet another night working I knew it was getting ridiculous, so I stopped and did an OOC comic. I used to think that maybe the comic was getting in the way a little bit with some other projects that I was working on... but to be honest I think it might be the other way around. I miss drawing and I miss posting and discussing the comics with you guys. I hope to start getting back into it starting this weekend! I might need a few OOCs to get back into the spirit of things, but it's going to start up again!

October 10th

Whew, I think I'm finally getting over my cold. On Thursday I went to the doctor's because I was starting to get worse and the medecine I got really helped. Fall is always a bad time for me, especially being asthmatic and there's been lots of forest fires really close by.

The comic is also posted tonight (Monday) because it was Canadian Thanksgiving today. So I had the day off, which was great because I used it to work on and finish the comic.

Today's comic was a bit difficult to create conceptually, I laboured over the text a lot more than I normally do. I've been reading about the scientists that were involved in creating the atomic bomb during World War II and it's very interesting. I can't even imagine what it would have been like, especially for the scientists involved with the project.

I wanted to do a little research on it while I was creating these panels with Hook/Wheeljack as they do their work on what will later become the Combiner technology that will lead to a huge shift in power in the Transformer's War and ultimately Hook's fate himself.

September 28th

Whew... it's late... I'm exhausted... but I did it :D ...and everytime I post a new comic it makes me want to immediately start drawing the next!

September 13th

I think it's a theme we sort of like to explore in storytelling, and that's when you become part of your own destruction. I also like doing these flashback sequences when I can bring in other Autobots. As well, I just couldn't resist giving Jazz something to read again. Nostalgia....

September 6th

In short, I love my new computer. I can finally open more than two files without it crashing on me. And I can finally colour with my stylus.. in real time! Of course all this time testing out colouring, etc. Left me without time this weekend for inking, but I thought I'll colour and post it just like back in ye olde day when I would just colour and post my sketches. Hopefully this isn't too detrimental to the comic. Also whoa... intimacy panel... I've never done that before. I don't really draw people/things kissing ever, but I hope it looks cute instead of, you know... creepy.

August 29th

Whew... it feels good to finally get this one up and online. That being said I did spend a lot of time on it. But current constraints on my time are making it a bit difficult to make even my one weekly updates, but I don't want to necessarily revert to when I'd post a flimsily drawn few panels just to make the update dates. Maybe I should post something, but I really want to work on the overall quality of the comic, because that's how I'll get better. I bought a new computer yesterday and got it all set up and the site downloaded so we're ready to rock!

August 16th

I'll make a longer news post tomorrow, I promise. But for now I've posted the first part of the new comic page, I decided this one had to be two pages because of the events, I'll let you try and decipher what page is about. I'll give you a hint: I've moved things along in the future for our differently bodied Decepticon Hook. Also, the other Autobot with him...?

July 30th

If you're wondering why the updates were kind of sporadic again this week, it's because I'm on vacation as of today! (yay!) and will be travelling. Which is good because even though I just had a huge wedding a few months ago, this is more like a nice secluded retreat. We will be vacationing out in BC, in the mountains. I won't have a computer but I am bringing a sketch pad and paper so I hope to do a lot of preliminary work for the storyline while I'm out there and get back into things!

Sunstorm and Darth's comic are truly hilarious, thanks again guys for submitting them! I had Sunstorm up for a week at first so now it's time for Darth!

July 12th

Sorry for the slightly delayed update. It just took me a long time to draw, I'm stll getting used to the way Hook's Cybertronian form looks and drawing Greenlight. I think I finished drawing it all on Sunday then realized if I spaced it out a little I would do a better job colouring. I scanned it in at work today and coloured on my lunch break. It's very relaxing. Also our scanner is massive so I could scan the page in all at once, whoo!

As for the story... more background! We are beginning to see past Hook's relationships with his fellow 'bots.

July 3rd

Now you can probably see why I didn't want to cut these two comics up. It was a ton of work getting both of them ready for today, but I think it was worth it. I don't want the memory sequence to be TOO long, because it's sort of an interlude between the main storyline, namely them being on Cybertron trying to figure out how to use the matrix to revive the Autobots back on Earth. ...If they can get back to Earth.

It's been a lot of fun crafting Hook's background from 'before he was Hook' (at least in the CiD universe), and something I had thought of years ago but hadn't had the chance to bring in yet. I hope you guys enjoy it. One great thing about Transformers to begin with is the lore is so vast and diverse we can accept different translations of the story and enjoy it every single time as something familiar, but something new as well.

June 20th

Remember when I used to update at 1:30 in the morning? ...... Yeah I think I'm going to go to sleep and write something when I'm not passing out... ha ha. See you tomorrow!

June 13th

Luckily I had a lot of time to draw/colour/ink, which felt great by the way. I'm trying to better manage my workload and I think work is trying a little harder to manage our loads as well. It felt really good being able to draw like that again for long periods of time, I actually missed it a lot. I do still like my one week updating, it just gives me so much more time to draw and ink and work on the story. This is kind of a tricky part, as I deviate a lot from G1 cannon. Well... I guess g1 cannon for the constructicons was as weird and contradictory as possible so I tried to make some sense of it to figure out how it would all work together. Hopefully you'll like where it's going... or at least be amused by it.

June 5th

And we're back! I got back early last week so it's back to drawing and posting the comic. I know a lot of you guys are at Botcon this week and I would like to express my jealousy at you all who are there. I hope you guys have an amazing time! When you get back it'll just be a few weeks until the new Transformers movie comes out. I sometimes wish Michael Bay would just let himself star in his own movie and just get it out of his system.

So the comic isn't inked/coloured quite yet, I'm debating on either doing that this week or just moving on to the next comic panel (when the fun begins) so I can have something really interesting for the next update. On the other hand, I spent a lot of time this weekend drawing these panels and I would like to see them finished. Hmmmm decisions....

May 16th

Thanks so much to Prime and the others (whose work is still a work in progress and I can't wait to see!) for helping me with this comic that I just posted. It's been ages since I had an evening to sit down and work through it, it was great. Also a bit of a reprieve before the work/wedding madness starts up again. We're less than a week away now! I wasn't nervous or worried or freaked out along the way at all but I can't help feel nervous about it now. When I first started this comic I wasn't even seeing anyone, I hadn't even moved out of my parents house yet, I had barely graduated from university. I used to sit at my computer at work and wonder where I'd be in the next year... the year after that... in 5 years... If you would've said I'd be getting married I probably would've laughed at you. If you would've said that the comic would still be going on I'd have told you "Damn Straight."

April 17th

So for about two weeks straight it's been work... yet somehow this weekend I managed to not only finish inking my comic panels but I drew some more, inked and coloured it all and now it's actually going up on time! Whew! I needed a break from work. A few more weeks and maybe it'll let up. To be honest it's very draining and weary and has made me a bit grumpier than usual. (I also had to cancel the two D&D sessions I was going to take part in so it's affecting my personal life a lot.) But thank goodness I still have time to do the comic, it's one of the things in my life that keeps my sanity.

April 5th

Ok, I apologize for the sketch art on the website. The truth of it is I've been so busy this past week and weekend I didn't even get a chance to start drawing until last night when I drew most of the comic then I was able to finish drawing it tonight and I thought I'd post it right away so I could start working on next Monday's update.

I wanted a bit of a moment here with Devcon and Bluestreak. We've already seen Devcon and Hook so now it's time to establish things with the two Autobots while we have what seems to be a bit of a peaceful interlude.

March 28th

Can you believe it's almost the end of March? ...Wh.. Where did the month go!? It's getting a lot lighter outside.. that's almost the only gauge I have on what time of year it actually is except that the snow is FINALLY melting. (Though people up here cross our fingers that we don't get a March/April or even dreaded May blizzard) I'm sorry the comic was late today, I worked most of the day yesterday which kind of sucked but helped make sure today didn't super suck, which it didn't. ....Hey, I was able to spend the night updating and that always makes me happy.

Special thanks again to Silverbolt and Solara's inking/colouring. People have been giving me praise on the artwork that I probably don't deserve... Well I guess they all come from my sketches and maybe that's why it looks so nice now... Silver and Sol have more to work with now *cough*. It's good to be working as a team again, makes me dream about more ambitious artwork for next update mwa ha ha ha!

March 22nd

*organ music* Finally it's up... thanks everyone for your patience and for your well wishes :) I feel a lot better now. And thank you Silverbolt for your inking and colouring of the first two panels! Solara, I know you did work too ;)

March 8th

I would write more right now but I'm pretty sleepy.... I'll see if I can muster up anything maybe later tomorrow. Enjoy the comic!

February 28th

Wow.. I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of February... This month just blew past at an incredible pace. On another note, I wanted to come back to the storyline with a bit of a bang (i.e. a long comic with the storyline pre-wrote that I've actually edited a little). So hopefully that paid off somewhat.

It might take some back reading to get caught up exactly on where we're at (Alpha Trion's base, Cybertron), but this is the first time that Devcon and Hook actually call each other by their first names and actually reveal information to each other. It's always hard to get Devcon to come across with any emotion other than anger.

I always thought of him as sort of an opposite to Thundercracker in that their personalities are kind of similar, except Thundercracker is the Decepticon trying to do good but still remains a Decepticon at heart mostly, while Devcon is the Autobot who doesn't seem interested in redeeming himself at all but can't help but still be an Autobot.

February 18th

Sorry I didn't get a chance to update the comic yesterday, I had a really late hockey game. I had one tonight too but.. tomorrow is Saturday and I get to sleep in! (yay) Enjoy Valentine's day wishes from our resident narcissist (one of them) Sunstreaker.

February 16th

No 'bot shall go unloved either! Today's is for the guys. (Although women are allowed to enjoy it too)

February 15th

No fembot shall go unloved! I know it's kind of cheap having two constructicon Valentines in a row, but I thought of this really last minute and it seemed funnier than what I had in mind before so I posted it. I'm hoping they get funnier as the week progresses.

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! After reading through the forums I wondered if there was anything I could do to possibly cheer people up, so for the remainder of the week I'm going to post makeshift Valentines from pictures I find from previous comics for you guys. I hope everyone enjoys it!

February 2nd

Whew... I did a lot of the page 2 colouring during my lunch break today but I was going to be busy this evening and I wanted to make sure I was able to update. I'll be going on vacation starting on Thursday the 3rd so I'll miss next Monday's update. ..But don't worry! I have it covered ^_~. Boazig has generously offered to do a guest comic/post while I'm away.


Anything she says about me while I'm gone is probably a lie.

January 23rd

I decided tonight that instead of inking/colouring the comic (because it's really not a stand-alone) I would post my progress up to this point so you can see what I'm working on, and I'll keep working on it this week as well as a second page to go with it for next Monday so it can be all coloured up and be an actual continuation of the story. (It's easier to colour all together)

I'm really, really starting to enjoy drawing detailed backgrounds. The first and last panels are almost taken right out of the original cartoon, I watched "The Search for Alpha Trion" again over the weekend so I could be as accurate as possible to his secret base (and the original underground fembot base) just as a special hommage to the original cartoon series, which is what I mostly base my comics on.

January 17th

Very sleepy right now so I will be brief. I had to work late again tonight -_- (Curse of the Mondays) but that didn't stop me this week from inking and updating. I've been getting used to drawing every day now and I like it, I think it helps me with my drawings and just let me draw randomness when I'm not working on the comic.

For some reason (and it could be the sleep deprivation talking) but I like Hot Rod's "It's ok... no wait.. no it's not!"

January 11th

So today was a rare binary date number of 01/11/11 or 1/11/11. I just thought that was kind of cool. Also I can't believe it's almost halfway through the month already.. when did that happen!? Why haven't I done half the stuff I thought I would by now? Well... work will be work. I had to work last night to get things to a client this morning that I knew he wouldn't check... and didn't... But I knew that... but on the small off-chance...

I'd like to say that's how graphic/web design is, but I think it's the same in most of the working world. My dad once told me it's a lot of 'hurry up and wait' and so far in my career that seems pretty accurate. But I digress... I've been dying to finish/post this comic, especially with the set up being a long time ago. I would say read both comics at once. I was going to post page 47 on top of this one, but I was worried people would get confused, but I added some dialogue in the first few panels that might help set the joke up some more. I hope it works, I think it works...

January 3rd

And you guys probably thought I had forgotten about my traditional New Year's update... can you believe the comic began way back in 2006? It's pretty crazy when I think about it... mostly because I had just graduated from university the year before, was working at my old job and still living with my parents while I saved enough money to move out. Since then I've changed jobs, changed residences twice (the newest one being the current one I am in that I moved into back in October 2010) and my life is busier than ever, but I am still trying to hold to my once a week updates. It's been quite a ride and upon reflection, I am still very happy that I do these comics, I enjoy it a ton. I hope that everyone enjoys reading them too! We'll see you throughout 2011.

December 27th

Aha! I bet you thought I'd forgotten to update today (Monday) and that I wasn't going to create a Christmas comic. Well I'm not going to lie, a couple days ago I had no idea what I was going to post and I didn't have any time to draw over the weekend but then I came up with a sort of fun, semi-Christmas comic that I thought you might enjoy. I tested it out before posting and it got a few laughs... hopefully it brings you some cheer in the season! And now to work on the New Years comic...

December 20th

Back on the horse! ...So to speak... I had help colouring this comic and I think they did a good job :) The colouring was all done around Wednesday or so, but I thought I'd hold off to post it until Monday because that's when most people visit the site to look at a potential new comic. (And I decided to do a small out of continuity one in the meantime)

Hopefully this week work won't be so manic and I won't have to work... eat... work... sleep. I know I was already driving people crazy. I have my annual review coming up Tuesday so we'll see how that goes. Wish me luck!

In other more exciting news, ThunderRod (my co-worker who did those amusing comics and has helped colour a few pages for me) and his wife just delivered their second baby girl on Saturday. Congrats T-Rod!

December 17th

So I couldn't take it anymore... I had to do SOMETHING comic-wise, it's been driving me crazy. This is the first night where I'm not up until midnight working in almost 2 full work weeks. It's exhausting and I'm going crazy. But tomorrow is Friday and hopefully my other crazy deadline will be finished. The comic I have been working on is all coloured, I just need to put in the words. I'm going to hold off and post it on Monday to start the updates again. x_x so tired...

November 29th

Been thinking about how I would redesign my website... Boazig has been nagging me... (which is good) and I've been ridiculously busy with things but she keeps telling me she'll build it if I can design it.. so it's really just a matter of me cutting and pasting things together. It's been up for almost 5 years now... it's time to at least redo and remake it properly. I sort of like the simplistic design of it, so maybe to start I'll keep the look relatively the same, just with some different stuff added on. the ability to comment on my news posts... lol a twitter feed... a hot link to comment on the comic directly after reading... etc.

November 22nd

Aha... I made it! I didn't know how fast I'd be able to ink/colour tonight but I did it. I hope people appreciate the dialogue, when I first brought Devcon into the story I wrote up an entire background for him because I wanted some more substance for his character going into the story. I actually wrote out the first part of it in ye olde fan fiction section of the web forum if anyone is interested in searching for it, it's not that important, it's just what I base my info off of. See you all next week!

November 15th

And another update! I didn't have time to ink in illustrator this week, so I did everything by hand instead. I think it still turned out ok. It seems when I have the time to shade the comic properly as well things seem to turn out looking a bit nicer. I'm slowly getting less shaky at inking by hand.

I also think this comic sort of gets me back into the swing of things, I actually spent a decent amount of time on the dialogue, writing it all out beforehand before I even started to draw. I couldn't get the whole thing in, but I think I left it off at a good enough point that I can carry over the rest to the next comic. I hope that you guys are enjoying it too.

November 8th

Updated! Hmm.. I don't really have a lot more to say than that. Things have been finally starting to calm down a bit, I actually had some time for some video games this weekend and get the comic up, so not too shabby. Apparently all the stress of the past few months had not only been giving me headaches almost daily, but was also thinning my hair... lol I'm trying to become more relaxed, I have a bad habit of worrying about everything all too much.

October 30th

Happy Halloween everyone! Today was also our local comic-con, I got to say hello to Alex Milne and Andrew Wildman... very exciting. I geeked out all over them. It's probably best that my identity usually remains a mystery... ha ha. Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you enjoy the comic! Props to Nagi-Oki who helped me come up with the idea for a cut and paste comic.

October 25th

Updated! This took so, so very long to ink. I think it must've taken almost 8 hours, then I spent an hour and all evening tonight colouring. I could've spent an entire week colouring as well... lol. But hopefully with time I'll start to get faster and faster. I'm really liking the way the digital lines are turning out. But I am also drawing in a larger format, we'll see how drawing this week goes if I'll just hand ink. Anyhow, I hope you are enjoying the story as well. As I mentioned earlier, I'm easing myself back into the story, it almost feels like an entirely new issue, so don't worry- we'll plunge back into the action soon enough!

October 18th

Wow... an entire month after my last post... but I'm back behind the wheel... figuratively. Hmmm.. and perhaps in practice, mwa ha ha ha. But really, it's been too long, I had been itching to draw and yes, even ink and colour again. Because it's been so long I thought I'd have a comic that back-tracked slightly yet continued forward with the story just to get everyone back into it too. I am falling in love with background design more and more, which I feel has always been the comic's weakest points... because I've hated drawing them. Mostly because I can't draw straight lines, even with rulers... /ashamed.

September 19th

Saturday night... colouring time! Again, I'm not quite sure about my colouring, I think if I ever tried it like really serious I'd need 2 days to colour, one day to lay down all the basic colours, then the second day to shade because I'm still not convinced I have the patience for it quite yet lol. But there it is, thanks again to T-Rod for inking and laying out the shading on the cybertronian seeker. (Who you might recognize as Acid Storm... if you don't recognize him, that's who he's supposed to be lol. I tried to base his colours more off his toy than off his bright green G1 cartoon model)

Thanks for sticking with me as I try this out! I hope the end result is worth it :) next week normal storyline Monday updates, they won't be quite so pretty/fancy but they'll drive the storyline further.

September 17th

Ugh I hate inking. I guess that's not it, I like inking, I just hate how long it takes. But finally... finally they're done! Tomorrow if I have time I shall be colouring, if not I'll finish it up on the weekend. The colours will probably be pretty muted, being on Cybertron and all. This was a really fun thing for me to do, and thanks for having the patience with me as I muster up my strength for the final haul.

September 15th

Gaugh... so much inking to do... I finished the top panel, so now there's only the second panel to go for inks, and tomorrow we should start teh colouring. Inking takes forever.... although I tried to take extra care this time so I'll hopefully get faster as time goes on. Also I need my actual comic paper and/or light table back and I can probably go much faster lol. See you all tomorrow!

September 14th

So today at lunch we inked, T-Rod and I. (He laughs that I refuse to call him Thunder Rod in my posts) He did the jet at the bottom corner and I'm starting on the backgrounds. ZomgPeterson eagerly awaits to start colouring and I also hope that he reinstalls his Wacom drivers before he gives it a try *cough*. So far so good I think, trying to pay a lot of details to the ink, all these straight lines are killing me... lol

September 13th

So I thought up something cool this weekend, (Well, I thought it might be cool anyway) that I would like to try with the comic. Since my time has been relegated to maybe 2-4 hours of actual comic time in a week (not for a whole lot longer but still) and I have wanted to practice my drawing to get it better for the comic, that this week I will post a comic in progress from the original sketch drawings to a finished product.

I am not done drawing yet, so there will be more to the comic by Thursday probably, but also it will let my co-worker and "Team Amazing" partner T-Rod get some colouring in. (As he has been bugging me for some more) So we shall see... it's going to be kind of an experiment as I'll try and post our progress every day until it's completed. I am hoping it will look really good. The words will probably come in on the last day.

September 6th

So... at long last, I have come to the decision that (at least for the time being) I can no longer support the comic twice a week and update both Mondays and Thursdays. I barely have an evening off during the week right now with which to draw, and though my two work buddies are going to be helping me immensely, we need to figure out a schedule to get on so that we can make this work lol. But for now, you guys deserve quality comics with quality stories, which means that I don't want to rush, and I want to update properly (like tonight's comic hopefully proves). I'll probably still be posting stuff on Thursdays, like works in progress, etc. I'll talk about it more on my forum if you want to check out the comic post.

September 3rd

Bah! Sorry this took so long everyone... another maddening week but hopefully things will start to die down soon, at least for a little while and I'll have some more time to write/draw (and ink). Thanks a ton to T-Rod (...Thunder Rod... sigh lol) for colouring Megatron at lunch for me! We make a good team.

August 30th

What the... what's this? A COMIC UPDATE.. before MIDNIGHT no less and ON TIME. Holy crap! Well luckily after being out of whack for a week or so I'm back on track now and back into drawing. That being said holy crap did this page take me a long time to draw (and ink...) but I didn't want to skimp out on the details because that would've made it pretty confusing. So perhaps it's a little heavy on the text, but I also want to make sure I'm still driving the story forwards. Also, I love Skywarp's constant blind loyalty.

August 27th

Good lord, finally! It's been so terribly busy this is the first night in two weeks where I've been able to draw/colour/post, etc. Big thanks to Rob who helped colour in the top 4 panels! (During his lunch hour break today, no less) They look great!

(So no one thinks I'm a terrible person, during my lunch hour I drew Cybertronian Starscream and bottom panel Starscream then inked them tonight)

August 19th

Thank you so much Backburn for saving the comic for today! I have literally had no time this week to even look at my sketchbook - I have just purchased a new condo that I will be taking possession of in September (that was one of the conditions), planning for a big event... working overtime... and my dad was admitted to the hospital Sunday so I have been trying to visit him every day when I can. So whew... busy. We'll see if things improve over the weekend somewhat, I know I will be scrubbing my place down lol.

This comic was also too funny to let sit for any length of time, you KNOW that is exactly what Chip would do. I also love that retro CiD design. Maybe needs a couple more lens flares.. lol

August 16th

So... I apologize for really no new art this update - I had absolutely no time to draw at all this weekend, it's been that crazy of a last couple of days and I'm exhausted, so I'll be heading to sleep soon. However, I still wanted to continue with the story, and since it would be mostly dialogue I think it managed to work out. I love writing for Bluestreak because he's so honest and good natured. And that he talks. A lot. All the time.

August 12th

Mmrrpphhh tired... going to sleep...

August 9th

And we're back into the storyline. Just for the record, the War Within style designs from Don Figueroa... wow it takes a long time to try and replicate (bastardize? lol). I enjoy drawing the pre-Earth models but man... With Bluestreak I decided to go in a different direction then his War Within model and give him a pre-Autobot body, maybe throw in a bit of blue even. In this version, he gets pretty mangled in the attack on his city.

August 5th

And we're back baby! I'm back from my mini-vacation and comic drawing holidays (which I actually have to admit, have made me a bit twitchy for drawing), although I am obsessed with Starcraft 2 so that's been occupying most of my current free time. (But won't interfere with updates, I promise)

This is based on an actual game I played last night with my brother and "Moonie", who was kind enough not to be offended by the comic... whew! I always feel bad, because I get pretty intense when I'm playing games (I'm the same way in sports) but I try not to get after anyone in particular.

July 30th

Thank you for the wonderful submission Solara! I know you worked really hard to get something in and I love it! And the fact that it's a belated bday present, well that makes it all the better.

As with the Optimus Prime comic, wallpapers are in the forum.

As of today (Friday) I'm driving out to Saskatoon and shall return Tuesday, so the next update will be a little delayed, I hope everyone has enjoyed the guest comic week! I will still be accepting submissions, I will collect them for next time I need something ~_^ thanks to everyone for contributing and coming to check the comics out!

July 29th

Today's comics were done by Michel, a developper and fellow co-worker, so we're getting some programmer representation tonight! (Everyone else who has contributed from my work so far have been designers like me) So thanks Mike!

Apparently in the bottom comic that is actually a 'bad joke' (as Mike puts it) that he converted into wingdings or zafdingbats.. one of those... lol

July 27th

Today's guest comic was done by Rob, who not only is another one of my fellow co-workers he is also my assistant, or partner-in-crime as it may be... lol Rob helps me build the sites and not only that he is also helping me out with a couple guest comics! He actually created 4 or 5, but I thought these two were the funniest. (If anyone's interested I can post them in a separate forum thread maybe they are all pretty funny)

Thanks Rob!

July 26th

Today's guest comic was done by yet another co-worker and very good friend, zomgPeterson. For these next upcoming guest comics, I gave a few of my co-workers old panels that they hadn't seen before (because they were several years old) , blanked out the dialogue (so that all that remained was the white bubbles) and let them fill in what they wanted. The results are pretty hilarious, I will be posting them as part 2 of guest comic week.

Also it should be noticed that Peterson is an avid Star Trek fan....

July 23rd

Today's guest comic was done by Rylaan, another of my co-workers and good friend at the office. In case anyone is wondering, the comic is based of another popular comic series called Scott Pilgrim. (You can view the Scott Pilgrim Comics Website here)

Thanks for the awesome art Rylaan, words cannot express the epicness of Prime. Rylaan was also kind enough to create wallpaper based on his artwork which I am going to be posting in the art and desktop section. More guest comics from co-workers on the way!

July 22nd

Today's guest comic was done by BoaZig, one of my co-workers! When I said that I needed some more guest comics she stepped up, along with some of my other co-workers to bring us some more comics so we can continue to celebrate! lol.. I have yet to print this out (and show it to Megatron). But I'm sure doing both will be spectacular.

July 21st

Today's guest comic was done by Sunstorm. I've always loved her style of drawing and clever dialogue. And I am exactly like Prime when I play video games, it's like listening to someone dictating their life. ...Also I add in additional sound effects.

July 20th

Today's guest comic was done by Nekoazuma. I think the drawings are all really good, especially the TF: Animated characters. I say, if there's going to be more femmebots, then let there be Animated!

July 19th

Happy 4th Anniversay everyone! It's kind of... shocking, in a good way, that the comic has been going on for so long. It's been loads of fun and I love doing it and I hope that everyone has fun reading it too!

Guest comics will officially start tomorrow, I don't have enough for the entire week so I'm spacing them out a bit. For now enjoy some decepti-goodness.

July 16th

I wish I could write more right now but it's really late and I'm going to pass out to sleep... worked pretty hard on the inks, would've liked to have been able to shade it but ran out of time, so maybe if I have any free time on the weekend.

Guest Comic week starts Monday! Happy CiD anniversary everyone!

July 12th

So after all the crazy action we had for a bit, we slow it down slightly to get through some important story points. If anyone was wondering why Thundercracker was popping up whenever the matrix was near... that Bluestreak is probably(?) going to be all right... Thundercracker seems to be existing within the matrix somehow... more on Thursday! Then next week - guest week! I already have some great comics lined up I can't wait to post them!

July 8th

Ok please... before the influx of hate mail... this is the set up... We will begin to see some resolution so please just hang in there with me. If anyone has any personal questions that can't wait until Monday feel free to email me or send me a private message on the forum. (You will have to sign up if you're not already a member)

Also.. guest week is a week away! I might start it on the Monday (Monday after next) just to have an even week going so if you're worried you're too late for a comic there's still some extra time ^_~ see you all Monday!

July 5th

Well last week's days of almost long weekends, mid-week day off, almost having to go to the hospital on Thursday for food-stuff. (Reminder of last year anyone?) All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Got lots of drawing done! (As we can see in the comic) And progressing along with the plot nicely. Poor Omega...

June 28th

Last week for guest comic submissions! As the 4th CiD anniversary draws ever closer. (A lot of people predicted I wouldn't last 2 years because I would lose interest) But thankfully my interests have been constantly renewed throughout the comic. This week I really tried hard to get in some more dynamic poses/angles to help the action along. I definitely couldn't have gotten the comic ready without Zatnik and Solara's help. Thanks a lot guys! This comic was a real group effort.

June 23rd

I love War for Cybertron, it's exactly what us hardcore G1 fans have been waiting for. Seriously, I am Ratchet in panel 1 during the entire time I'm playing. "Prime just told me to roll out!" "Prime is talking to me!" "LOOK IT'S OMEGA SUPREME" "LOOK IT'S JETFIRE" etc. etc.

Also, my arm has still been severely "damaged" this entire week but hopefully tomorrow it'll be more on the mend or I see a human doc about it. Can't draw yet but I shall try over the weekend. If not, I still have more one-shots up my sleeve for a bit. Also - keep sending those guest comics!

June 21st

I forget if today or tomorrow is officially the first day of summer, but I hope your summer/spring, etc. Is going decently. We had some nice weather today and ironically, I was in a hockey arena this evening playing. My body/arm is still very sore... It's kind of worse after the weekend I think I've just been working it way too hard, but colouring seems to be going pretty well. I always thought Reflector would harbour anger for the Constructicons/Combaticons/Stunticons, etc. Because I consider him the original combiner... He was the first robot (three robots I guess) that transformed into a single item. I also loved the way they had him in the cartoons that he was more a single entity split into three parts. It's interesting because no other robot that I can think of acts this way.

June 17th

OK so the good news is I think my arm/body is on the mend, the bad news is I wasn't able to ink/colour the comic because it's not in perfect shape yet, and inking/colour is still a bit strenuous. However, I'm hoping to get it all done over the weekend for a kickbutt comic this upcoming Monday. (Preview: It is focused around our bots heading towards Cybertron)

June 14th

So I really did play the demo this weekend for a little bit, and yes I really did suck terribly at it. But I'm not really a console FPSer, I prefer to play my first person shooters on the computer, it's much easier for me to manipulate a keyboard a mouse. The game is pretty fun, I got the biggest kick out of going full speed and transforming into a robot as I zoomed past. ...then promptly died. For some reason too I kept being put on the Decepticon team, so maybe my lack of wins was freudian...

June 10th

We're lucky that the hockey game tonight was over halfway through the first overtime... If it had gone any longer I might not have made it tonight heh heh. But despite that, I came home and decided I'd post! ...Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ink at lunch today like I was hoping but hopefully the comic is still enjoyable.

June 7th

Wow, we're already a full week into June - craziness. I hope you enjoy the update tonight, a few of the plots are starting to come together - mostly revolving around Megatron and the Decepticons. Next we shall find out how our wayward travellers are doing on their way to Cybertron.

June 3rd

All right, sorry for the missed updated folks, but there was no way I could get a comic done in time for Monday, then as drawing got a bit slow and I tried to figure out how I would post something new for Thursday, I decided to post this comic, which is an idea I've had running around my head for a while. Sparked mainly by parents who have said the original Sesame street is 'not suited for children', they would have an absolute field day with the original Transformers series. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad because they're robots, but I don't understand why parents try to sensor their kids so much, especially with TV shows and cartoons aimed at kids. We watched it, we grew up fine.... right....?

May 27th

The "you are such a jerk" is a call back all the way to the first 'season' of comics where Starscream and Skywarp are gathering Sunstreaker. You can view that comic here:

I like the dynamic of Skywarp and Starscream together, it's probably why I went with it initially with the addition of Thundercracker later to help keep the peace for a while. And omg.. an update before 1:30 in the morning? wtf... lol

May 24th

A bit of a smaller update today, this weekend was what we in Canada call 'Victoria Day' (yes, after the Queen, it's around her birthday I believe) or just 'The May Long Weekend'. So being busy-ish *cough*sleeping and playing WoW*cough* I decided a smaller sequeway update will lead to more streamlined story. Also it took me twice as long to draw this one page since I am still practicing at drawing Skyfire. Skyfire is pretty popular with a lot of G1 fans, I know I like him a lot as a character he was one of my favourites, I was always miffed they didn't even bring him into season 3 much, his voice actor was the same person that did Grimlock and Grimlock was in season 3 aplenty.

May 20th

Aaaaand sleep....

May 17th

So tonight's update is a bit of a preview for the full update I'm going to do Thursday. I had a bit of a choice tonight on whether to be a good sibling and an ear for my brother or to just ignore him and colour the full comic. Luckily there wasn't much debate, however I still managed to get at least a page coloured so maybe I'm only half-terrible...

May 13th

Mpprrhhmm... sleepy... did a double update tonight to make up for the lack of an update Monday. It's been very busy and my life has been pretty hectic lately, I apologize.

May 6th

Just quickly... yes I did plan that Susan would be Carly's sister from the very beginning. (It's why she has blonde hair) And yes, that's Carly from the G1 cartoon. (And another familiar face sitting beside her to offer plenty of 'courage')

May 3rd

Sorry, it's pretty late so I can't really write much of a news post tonight... But basically this whole scene has been in my head from the very start of the concept of the story arc. And yes, that is John ranting at the podium (he did say he hated Transformers to Thundercracker as TC flew off to the Ark).

April 29th

I wanted to do something as maybe an artistic interlude between the first and second part of the story. I tried something different - inked it all on the computer this time to see how it would turn out. I would write more but I am quite tired... See you all on Monday!

April 26th

Inked and coloured! How about that? It's easier to do it on my own again when it doesn't take me 4 hours per page with all the action scenes and tons of robots. That being said.. Thursday's comic will be sort of in that vein, there will just be a lot happening in it as it segueways into the second part of the storyline. Because of that I might hold it over until next Monday, giving me the entire week to work on it so I might post an out of continuity comic on Wednesday, we'll see how successful I am. Trying to move the comic along at a decent pace but I realize we're already 18 pages into the storyline!

April 22nd

Zzzzzzzzzz.... I better get to bed.... I inked the comic myself tonight then coloured/worked on it... now that's old school CiD for myself, although I do wish I got more sleep during the week.

April 19th

Whooaaa an update that's not at like... 1am what happened? Ha ha... Again a bit cut and paste for today's update because my arms are very sore from air softing on Friday. Don't worry I didn't hurt myself, just the guns are much heavier than I thought and I'm very, very stiff... I can hardly walk today ha ha. Was fun though.

Back to the comic, I've been saving this line from Tracks for months now while they loaded into Omega for the long trip back to Cybertron. Devcon might actually go nuts, it's probably him they should be worrying about, not Hook.

April 15th

Must head to sleep... I didn't have a ton of time to draw this week so I was able to continue with the story because at least the script was all done and I know people would probably appreciate it if the story kept progressing. I know I want to keep going with it as well. And thank you again Silverbolt retroactively for the amazing inks of Omega that you did for me a while back.

April 12th

So moving ahead some more we have the follow-up to Omega's entrance. And from what it looks like, he didn't squash Hook... although I'm sure Devcon offended him somehow.

April 8th

Sorry, not a lot of time for news tonight, pretty tired and I need to get to bed. I must say though, I definitely have renewed enthusiasm for this storyline and for the comic in general. I have been thinking about revamping it (finally) last year the plan was for the 3rd comic anniversary... perhaps that shall have to become the 4th... Wow 4 years almost...

April 5th

So today's update is almost like a two-in-one, I wanted to draw a little more to bring Starscream back into the story. As you might (or might not) remember, Starscream has been mysteriously interested in a Northern Expedition. There are more comics, he brings it up every now and then, but I couldn't find all of them they're buried here and there for the past two years. Also... I don't think anyone is surprised that Starscream survived. I had a big reveal all planned out where Megatron and Skywarp first discover Starscream awakening then I thought... come on, this is Starscream we're talking about, the most invincible 'con of all time.


April 1st

So I had been debating all week on whether or not to put up a spoof comic for tomorrow that said something like, "Sorry guys, I'm stopping the comic." And just wait for the anarchy. Then I decided that since this is like, the first on time update in like a month maybe it will be shock enough :P

I love writing for Raoul and Tracks they are a good duo. To everyone that gets this Friday off, happy holidays! I will be resting up I can almost move freely again.

March 29th

For me right now, the pain is physical. I played a lot... LOT of hockey this weekend and we managed to win the gold medal which is quite a feat. Really, I am so stiff it even hurts to laugh. But I shall mend! In the meantime, I have a comic. I've actually been wanting to do the joke with First Aid and Ratchet for ages... especially with the Paradron medics. I like going back to the assumed rivalry I always think they have. (Both being medical robots AND ambulance alt-modes) And I'm still bitter that they brought in the protectobots and got rid of Ratchet, that automatically gave them a strike in my books.

I'd also like to thank my Moonracer for putting up with me when I get stressed out (you can read my forum post for this update for better clarification). I know you don't read the comic or these news updates, but you deserve mentions :)

March 25th

No I'm not dead... I've just had an awesomely rockin' cold. And as such in trying to take care of myself I have been trying to get to bed really early in the evening. (Not like I could stay up late anyway I've been falling asleep everywhere) Technically I'm still posting this Thursday, so enjoy :) I'm trying out some new layouts for pages, the large image and smaller images included seems popular in manga comics (and some american ones too) and I wanted to try it out.

There is no possible way I can have a story update done for Monday, I have a gigantic tournament this weekend. (Which will be great if I can heal myself sufficiently by tomorrow) I will try and post an out-of-continuity, I just need to think of a good idea hmmm...

March 22nd

All right, it's late, but not as ridiculously late as I had anticipated, this is because once the pages are inked they're much, much easier to colour in. Just like old times... Also just like old times it's ridiculously long, granted it's really a two comic update in one, I thought you guys deserved it for your patience these past couple of weeks. And we're moving the story along. One of my intentions is to move this story along as quickly as possible.

March 18th

Very, very tired again... the time change has really messed a lot of people up I think, also causing people to be both tired and grumpy. But the week will be over soon, I will be able to bunker down and finish colouring the comic tomorrow, I promise. I'm really trying to take better care of myself and staying up until 1:30am when I have to wake up at 6am Sunday night was maybe a bit too much for me so I'm going to try and get more sleep tonight.

My co-workers suggested that when I have to update late that I should post some of the work I'm working on for the regular update so there it is, part of the comic :) I wanted to think up something clever for them to be saying as a spoof but I couldn't think up anything amusing enough, maybe you can do a better job than me.
See you tomorrow evening! And happy St.Patrick's Day!

March 15th

Very sleepy or I would write a longer post. I wanted to thank people with putting up with my one week of video game craziness and general sloth so I worked hard on this comic tonight to try and move the story along again. Enjoy!

March 11th

Ok last out of continuity one while the story resumes on Monday. Our playoffs are done for the time being and my limbs are healing and I'll have time to draw again. And I think I've got my megaman mania out of my system and it's back to transformers. I think both of the fan communities are a little inter-knit anyway through our mutual love of robots. My co-workers pitched a good comic for tonight but I didn't have the time to draw it in one night so I might save it for another time...

March 8th

My weekend (though filled with much video game playing) was actually kind of exciting, which also lead to non-drawing. Well Friday and Thursday I didn't feel that great so I remember going to sleep pretty early. Saturday I had a hockey playoff game and we won it in overtime so that was pretty intense. Actually I have another game tomorrow and a possible other game on Wednesday if we keep winning so I might have to do another out of continuity comic. My right arm has been quite sore so when it gets like that I'm trying to take better care of it. Getting tendonitis from overuse last year gave me a bit of a scare if I would get bad enough I couldn't draw anymore so I try not to push myself as much anymore. However I hope the comic at least bring some smiles on a Monday, whether you're fans of the megaman franchises or not. I am (obviously) a giant fan and I encourage those that are to purchase Megaman 10 because it is very fun. Ratchet out.

March 4th

Would love to write more but I'm actually quite tired. It's a bit of a shorter update today (I was behind a day so I had one less day to work on it) but it starts out what many people have been asking which is... So what DID happen to the Decepticons?

March 1st

So it's pretty late so I'll keep this brief. Anyhow, I hope everyone had at least some chance to view one or two Olympic events, because it's been quite something. Canada won a record amount of gold medals, not to mention probably the most important hockey tournament in the past 4 years. (Especially cause we did so poorly in Turin) So it's been quite a ride.

And back to the comic, I didn't get a chance to ink it at lunch today so instead I tried to do some extra black shading. It's kind of neat, just a bit time consuming. Also I love making Devcon look as sinister as possible. And hey... who's that in the last panel o_0?

February 25th , 2010

A short news post for tonight as I am off to sleep quickly, but we're back to the storyline! I tried a kind of sketch/ink hybrid as I didn't have enough time to ink the comic this week by scanning it in and applying the ink through a light table and a fresh piece of paper, I just inked over my drawings while I was on my lunch break at work.

February 22nd , 2010

Aaaand I'm back everyone! And wow what a trip, it's almost indescribable about how awesome it was. Being at the events was unreal, the crowds of people were unreal and for someone from a much colder part of the country, the weather (though bad for some of the events I hear) was great. The transit system in Vancouver is awesome, we could take one bus all the way to the train station, and take the train anywhere in the city. Also got to see a live concert on Saturday. Just great. It's nice to be home though although where I live it's still a bit cold =/

February 11th , 2010

So as mentioned today I am off to go watch the Olympics in Vancouver. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was massively fortunate to come into contact with venue tickets. But just being there by itself will be amazing. I'm not sure if I'll be able to update the comic at all while I'll be gone but I promised people I would update my twitter while I was there.

The winter Olympics are especially exciting for Canadians I think because they contain events that Canadians actually have a good chance of winning...

See you when I get back - Go Canada!

February 8th , 2010

So today starts the Valentine's Day comics - I wanted to do 2 this year, maybe one for the Autobots and one for the Decepticons. (Maybe)

I also wanted to let everyone know I am going to be gone starting next Thursday to the following Thursday - I will be attending a couple events at the Olympics in Vancouver! (..not participating... just watching... lol)

February 4th , 2010

It's almost inevitable if you have a combination like Tracks and Bluestreak that things are going to degrade pretty quickly... Some story and (hopefully) some humour.

February 1st , 2010

First update of February with the new comic. Thanks again to Silverbolt for the great colours! And I hope everyone now knows what I mean when I said to trust me earlier... it's aaaalll part of the plan.

January 28th , 2010

Very sleepy tonight so I will just keep this a bit brief. Lots of fun drawing the storyline comic again, my plans are to warm up a bit then dive head first into the story. We'll see if I can stick to those plans.

January 24th , 2010

So the name A Long Shot was actually the most difficult part in starting up with continuity again. I needed something that captured the gravity of the situation but also gave some hope. I'm curious to how this storyline is going to be received - for me it's a really good chance to get back to a few characters and to concentrate on them rather than organize several characters at the same time while trying to have the storyline interconnect. I can't say much more at this time without giving too much away but I have been looking forward to drawing the story arc again. Thank you to Silverbolt for making my drawings look half decent with the excellent colouring job. I had to do a bit of work this weekend so that and the comic would've made it a bit difficult. Also - I now have Twitter. People have suggested that I should get it just to post little things, I'm looking forward to posting small things between updates and some thoughts in general as I go through the (often painful) creative process. Here's the link:

January 18th , 2010

Another out of continuity comic before the storyline mayhem starts again. Whenever I'm feeling blue, I think about how awesome the Transformers movie could've been (more awesome I suppose) if they had actually stuck with the original characters. I remember watching it with Megatron and halfway through he turns to me and goes, "Man, they REALLY need Ratchet." But really, the omission (or off-screen killing) of our beloved robots was somewhat harsh, however it is one of the things that inspired me to start writing comics of my own, where I could give more screen-time to robots that never quite got into the limelight. (Or for very long)

The storyline will possibly begin Thursday, it depends how it goes and how my work goes if I will have sufficient time. Otherwise Monday for sure.

January 14th , 2010

So this was an idea that Megatron and I had come up with maybe about a year ago or so and I forgot about it for a while until today when I saw the trailer for the new Transformers game coming out. (And when I saw Skywarp as a pre-Earth seeker and Bumblebee and Omega Supreme I vowed I would buy that game, no matter how badly it sucked (let's face it, the Transformer game track records aren't pretty ))

Back to the comic though, we based our assessment of the two sides off World of Warcraft, where I was appalled when trying the alliance for the first time, I was asked to kill seemingly innocent animals to 'thin their numbers' while the horde had me killing animals for food and clothing and to prove myself. For the horde!

January 11th , 2010

It was so incredibly hard to write the small eulogy for Susan, to also try and tie it in with the recent events at the Ark and to conclude the Last Resort storyline. It's been quite a ride, and my longest storyline to date. (Although arguably I often consider Dedication and Retribution the same storyline, just part 1 and part 2) It was very hard killing Susan, it was even harder killing Thundercracker, and then with the final events of this storyline... I think I still have to work at the first few pages of the new story, beginnings are always extremely hard so I might have an OOC comic up for Thursday.

This ending I had in my head for a long, long time and the funeral scene with John is based off the funeral scene in the Watchmen comic.

January 7th , 2010

Tired... so this will be a bit short. Part 1 of a small epilogue for the story, more to come!

January 4th , 2010

The first comic of 2010! If anyone is curious, the game I'm talking about is Dragon Age. based on somewhat of a true story, when I told one of my friends I was playing Dragon Age, that's the first thing they brought up... and promptly showed me a youtube video to prove it. Needless to say, I am still playing the game, just slightly wary.

Regular updates will continue Thursday, I promise. I just needed a little extra time, the holidays are now over and I will be drawing again.

December 31st , 2009

The last comic of 2009... it's crazy to think how fast this year has gone. As usual, it's been a blast. I wish everyone a happy New Year! I would write more right now but it's very late and I have one more day of work tomorrow before the long weekend.

December 24th , 2009

Merry Christmas to all those out there that celebrate the holiday, happy holidays to those that have their own celebrations this time of the year, and happy Thursday to those that don't.

Well it's almost 2010... this comic has been running for almost 4 years now, which is quite something when I thought about it. For almost 3 straight years it's been Monday and Thursday updates and a lot of people thought when I started that I wouldn't last very long or be able to keep it up. I don't think it was because they were discouraging, but because it is a lot of work. Thank you to everyone that has helped, supported and loved this comic from its shaky sketched out comics in 2006 to its shaky sketched out comics in 2009. I couldn't have done it without you. The whole reason I love drawing/writing this comic is I want to put a smile on people's faces, or give them an emotional jolt or maybe make them sad... But I wanted people to have something to look forward two times a week and to entertain, and I hope that I have achieved that. I've met a lot of really cool people over the forums, some of you we've been talking for over 3 years now. My life has changed a lot from 2006 and through the good and the bad this comic has helped me pushed through. But I coudn't do it without you guys, you're all Comics in Disguise, not me. I'm just some bot that likes to draw transformer comics. Have a great holiday season. We'll see you December 31st.

December 21th , 2009

All right... so this week I am officially on vacation until the 29th... please pray that nothing explodes at the office while I am gone and they have to call me. I'm counting on almost none of my clients being around. *crosses fingers* Also 95% should know that I am gone. *crosses fingers tighter*

Back to the story... yes the button has been pressed... and we see the horrible consequences that have been unleashed! Thank you so much to Silverbolt and Solara for their great work. The 'dummy text' they sent back to me is so funny, I can't post it for a while because it will ruin the mood but I might post it at New Year's... Have a great Christmas everyone! I plan on posting a bit of an out of continuity comic as Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday...

December 17th , 2009

I always like trying to bring things back to the start when I'm going through my storyline. The first panel comes from the very first page of the Last Resort storyline. It's hard to believe it's already been 70 pages since the beginning.

And now the button has been pressed!

December 14th , 2009

OK so this afternoon I wasn't sure I'd have any kind of comic up or how I would put together a story comic if I had to do it from old drawings... I worked a bit this weekend so I didn't have a lot of time to draw. But I found some time this evening so this entire comic was put together tonight. Which is probably why it's extremely sketchy and unshaded, which is actually kind of old-school style again.

I wouldn't not let myself put it up though because we're right in the climax of the entire storyline and I feel it would be cruel to delay it any longer if I could help it.

I did warn people that once we got to the heart of it things would go very, very fast...

December 10th , 2009

Holy crap, this is actually a story arc comic updating on time? Wtf happened...
Thanks Silverbolt for colouring in the sketches! This is old school part 2: coloured sketches, although I must say he does a much better job at it than I. His reasoning was he liked the sketches and thought they added a lot to the mood of the comic. I agree... the lines aren't too shabby and I paid extra attention to Bluestreak's expressions. What's going to happen next? Oohhhhh....

December 7th , 2009

Thank you everyone for the kind birthday wishes. This birthday has been a little bit challenging, due to some real life stuff that will hopefully resolve itself soon. All that aside though, I rebuilt the comic from scratch this evening, losing all my work last night was quite annoying.

You know ever since I first watched this episode again I realized how disturbing the ending was where the girl invites Bumblebee to meet her brother's car. Megatron and I always thought it would be like the Transformers asking you to meet their brother's mannequin. I wondered briefly if Bumblebee just had no idea that the car wasn't actually going to transform.

December 3rd , 2009

I wish I could write more right now but I am extremely tired and have to get to sleep. On a quick note - this is the first comic I've inked in its entirety in a long time. I do enjoy it, but it takes me forever, which reminds me why I don't ink a lot anymore and I appreciate Solara and Silverbolt's work all that much more. Thanks again guys!

November 27th , 2009

So ok... no comic tonight. But Silverbolt and Solara have been extremely busy this week as I have and we decided we could get the comic done if we aimed for Friday as the day I put it up. (Tomorrow night most likely) I also inked one of my pages to help them along, something I haven't done in ages, which is also why there isn't a placeholder comic up tonight. You know, inking is actually kind of fun, I have to admit I sort of missed it. Inking that page made me wonder briefly if I should go back and ink some of the other comics. That would take ages though so maybe I'd do a few here and there if I wanted to.

This comic is something I'd to ink sometime... when I get the chance. See you guys tomorrow/Friday! And for all americans, happy Thanksgiving! For me in Canada, tomorrow is just Thursday :)

November 23rd , 2009

"Your luv 2 me is like luv." Apparently the new Twilight movie has outdone the Dark Knight for largest opening weekend. And so goes my faith in humanity. Although I believe I remain correct in my statement that teenage girls will buy anything. Now if I could only think of something to market to them I would be set.

On another note back to our storyline the comic is basically a dream sequence... although not really a dream because it's just Soundwave probing into Prime's mind. I had a lot of choices to add flashback text or flashback to the actual past comics but I thought if it remained quiet and mysterious it would impact better and silence is more Soundwave's nature. Also I think it makes Thundercracker showing up all the more mysterious as well...

November 19th , 2009

So I dunno how well I did on my exam... in fact I know of several mistakes I made. (Damn key commands I wish I didn't get them mixed up so much) However I still wanted to post a comic and this is actually an idea I've had for a long, long time. Basically it was always me and Megatron's fantasy to go into a roleplay chatroom and just start tearing it up as Transformers and see if we'd get kicked out. We've never had the nerve (yet) to give it a try.

November 16th , 2009

So long I have waited to draw the glowy mace/axe battle between Megatron and Prime. I will give the Bayformers movie that credit that in the final battle scene of Prime vs. Megatron, Megatron had his flying mace. I'll forgive Prime's sword too because the axe is a little odd, but hey - it's G1 cartoon. I was also looking through the comics at past Prime/Megatron battles so you might find some influences coming from there.

On an unrelated comic note I have a final exam next Wednesday so studying aside we'll see if I can make the update. If I can't I'll make sure to at least post something. But I'll probably know tomorrow night if I'm going to make it.

November 12th , 2009

Thank you Silverbolt and Solara for another great colouring job. The last panel is me though, so don't blame them for the colouring... lol. There was originally going to be a whole other page for this comic, but I hurt my arms over the weekend and today decided it would probably be best to just rest them up completely and draw something really cool for Monday's update. This update got the idea across anyway of what I wanted and like Smokescreen, I don't want to stall any further.

I have been wanting to draw this ultimate showdown between Prime and Megatron for a loooong time and I wanted to reference that old G1 scene from episode 2.

November 9th , 2009

Megatron and I always wondered why the fastest cars (like Mirage) were always stuck at the back of the line. I mean really, it makes sense that Prime is first, he IS the leader, but I always wondered how frustrating that must've been to some of the faster cars pushing the rear. Also in the cartoon whenever it showed them 'rolling out' they were always kind of slow...

Story updates to resume Thursday when hopefully I have more time to draw this week. (Granted the out of continuity comics are very hard to think of something funny)

November 5th , 2009

Thanks Solara and Silverbolt for another great looking comic. I think we all know what comes next... and I would write more but I'm very tired and going to head to sleep so I big everyone good night!

November 2nd , 2009

I hope everyone had a good halloween weekend. The party and the comic con that were in the city were really cool so I hope it's understandable that I had no time to properly draw a comic this weekend. The Human X concept is something I've always wanted to do though.. when I first saw the "Autobot Spike" episode and Sparkplug said he built an Autobot out of 'spare parts' my first reaction was to vomit in horror. Actually it wasn't much unlike Ratchet's actual reaction in the episode except I don't think I would say "Another Autobot, who needs it?" Or his famous closing line, "You know I could repair that mess, but I think it's best if I don't."

October 30th, 2009

Happy pre-halloween to everyone out there that will be doing some kind of halloween related activity out there! Myself, there will be parties. (Parties, my favourite thing back on Cybertron)

And then to boot this weekend is the huge ComicCon in our city. Unfortunately I won't be heading there this year with Megatron (which also gives me an opportunity to search for potential Christmas gifts (shhhhh) ) but it will be a lot of fun nonetheless. I will probably spend way too much money. Because of my action packed weekend there will be an out of continuity comic on Monday but I've decided to try and create something a little post-halloween perhaps following the halloween spirit. We shall see. Have a great weekend everyone!

October 26th, 2009

Did anyone forget about the rampaging Autobot waving around his stick of death? It has been a while since we've seen him. It's been very challenging coordinating everyone's movements inside the Ark. Also these smaller page comics let me get a lot more action in because I can take the time to draw the correct poses and angles that I want. (Or I can attempt to at least) Thanks again to Silverbolt and Solara for making the drawings look decent.

October 22nd , 2009

You can all thank Solara for the comic tonight. I wasn't going to post anything originally then she gave me the idea of a reaction to the comic from Skywarp.

My initial thought was that Skywarp probably wouldn't read the comics, just the posts on the forums about it and be confused about the whole thing. Also I thought it might cheer people up a little, I'll still be using TC probably a lot in out of continuity comics, especially with Skywarp. Storyline-wise though, we shall miss him.

I really didn't know how people were going to react to the comic when I posted it originally. I thought I'd just get lynched. But it made perfect sense storywise, I would never kill someone off just for the sake of killing someone. (*cough*1986 movie *cough*) And I felt it was a perfect conclusion for him.

October 19th , 2009

So this is part 2. This was probably one of the hardest updates for me to draw and plan out because it is the culmination of a year and a half's worth of previous comics and story planning. To see how T.C. comes full circle, you can start with this comic from the Dedication Storyline.

Originally I had planned to put those comics into flashbacks, making this comic much larger. I ultimately left it all out though because I think it would've slowed down the action. Also I like leaving the ambiguity in there, even up until the very end. Was T.C an Autobot at the very end, or was he still a Decepticon at heart? Was he ever really a Decepticon to begin with? I will miss him.

October 15th , 2009

Ok once again I had to split up the comic into Thursday and a Monday update (which isn't a bad thing) because when I sketched it all out initially it was 5 pages long. So today is part 1... Monday will be the part 2. And now I am off to bed.. wheeee.

October 12th , 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! I hope you are enjoying your day off (hopefully you have the day off) relaxing. ...It snowed here Friday, and snowed hard. The snow's been melting over the weekend but I mean still... it snowed. There is however, something kind of comforting in snow. It's like being smothered in a white blanket. People often wonder why we live up here in a place that has 6-8ish months of winter. Well for starters we don't run around in -30 degree weather, we spend most of our time indoors nice and comfy. It only really sucks Oct to Nov and March-April when the rest of the country is warming up/still warm and we have snow. Anyhow though... enjoy the comic. Thursday is going to be an update to remember - trust me on that one.

October 9th , 2009

Must sleep... enjoy update... I write more news later... Zzsdm,dsffsdfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

October 5th , 2009

Oh yeah I forgot I had promised a news post on October 2nd.. I guess that proves how tired I was. I'll be honest, I don't even remember posting my comic last Wed, but I know I did. I take a new night class every Wednesday and sometimes it's pretty tiring. I really like it though, so I have no complaints really. Thanks Silverbolt (And Solara said she helped with some of the effects). I didn't know if they'd have enough time this weekend to work on it, but they did - and coloured it in beautifully too.

The mayhem continues!

October 1st , 2009

So... tired.. will post news tomorrow... Il;ks;amdsfdv......Zzzzzzzzzzz

September 28th , 2009

I can't believe how fast the month of September has gone... But this weekend I got a good amount of work done, plus I think I finally got over my cold. Also I played in my soccer finals this afternoon. We lost, but the game was really close so it was still a lot of fun. As always, I managed to get a good amount of sleep which I am squandering away tonight by staying up ridiculously late. However I wanted to make sure you had the comic I was promising. I hope you guys enjoy it, I had always been toying with this idea for an out of continuity comic, because I always found the cartoon premise of anything happening and the Decepticons are immediately blamed hilarious.

September 24th , 2009

Whew... tired. Thank you so much Silverbolt (and Solara) for another great inked/coloured comic panel. I've been so busy this week I had to limit myself to one page. I have a lot of work to catch up on this weekend so I fear Monday's comic will be out of continuity (but don't worry there will be a comic there). Then hopefully I can get back into the story for next Thursday and feel better about being more caught up at work.

In the meantime, enjoy Elita kicking Megatron in the face.

September 21st , 2009

I actually had a nice relaxing weekend these past couple of days. I needed one to recharge and prepare myself for the week ahead... augh. I know that people around me have had to deal with a lot of stuff themselves and I wish I could offer more support than just to say 'hang in there'. I should've had these drawings to Sol and Silverbolt but again I didn't get around to drawing them until yesterday, so I figured there wasn't enough time to scan and send them over. I'm going to try my best to get something to you guys tomorrow night.

Upon completing this panel I realize that it's not completely necessary to the story, but it was necessary for me to go back to the 'other guys' who would otherwise be standing around and to affirm that yes, Prowl is OK. I consider it my mission to make sure no matter how battered around he gets, there will be someone there to fix him.

September 17th , 2009

Well.. you couldn't expect Prime to get tossed around like a giant robot rag doll and bullied by Megatron without his missus having something to say about it...

In these next 'fight' scene comics I wanted to pay hommage to all the great Prime/Megatron fights of the past and today's last panel was inspired by E.J Su's artwork in Escalation. More to come!

September 14th , 2009

So another huge plot point is revealed... Although I'm not sure if people suspected what Bluestreak was guarding... or if he was guarding anything. Ironhide kind of eludes to something here, but it's vague and really didn't give a lot of info. But hopefully now the whole Bluestreak locked away in room makes a little more sense... or is at least beginning to.

September 10th , 2009

I would do a decent newspost but I'm very very tired. Lots of overtime this week after the holiday and late hockey games makes me a tired medbot. Today's comic is a parody of those Dos Equis commercials I used to see all the time during the hockey playoffs last year. The man in those commercials is a legend around my office. Here is a link to one of the youtube commercials. And as I was watching these I was thinking, "Yeah he's cool but he's no Optimus Prime. ...Hmmm...."

September 8th , 2009

Yes I know there's really not a lot artwise going on, but the story was really important for this panel so that was my main focus. The Devcon storyline has been on-going for at least a year now, with bits and pieces of the story slowly developing. This comic just sort of ties it all in together. The interior panels are from the Retribution storyline, page 32 and on I believe. Also it wouldn't quite be a CiD comic with TC in it if I didn't have at least one profile pic of the seeker.

September 3rd , 2009

Sorry short news update as I really need to go to bed... but I tried to draw an extra long comic for today (as opposed to the last couple of weeks) and Silverbolt did a great job at inking and colouring. For those of you that are newer to the website you might not remember when Ratchet dropkicked TC (as a hommage to the cartoon). And Starscream's deal with Shockwave and Soundwave and Thundercracker been taking in by Devcon to the Combaticons.

August 31st , 2009

And with the end of August I believe that wraps up all the guest comics for this prolonged 3rd year anniversary. I staggered them a little at the end as you all have noticed to help me with my busy schedule. (Mostly work related)

That being said if you send in a guest comic I will post it, although now I will probably hold them back until the next guest week but they are always appreciated. Especially with this storyline it's very hard for me to just cut and paste comics like I used to, or at least when I'm working a lot it's hard to come up with something funny on my own. Also after reading Hired Goon's comic I realize I've never even had Gears in the comic at all before. Also I found it pretty amusing since it would be Don Messick talking to himself. (As Gears and as Ratchet)

August 27th , 2009

Really special thanks to Solara and Silverbolt for the amazing quality of this comic. Tuesday night my brother was in the hospital (don't worry he's fine now) but I was up most of the night worrying about it and the drawings I sent to them I put a big note beside that said "Please fix." Especially the one of Megatron chucking Prime, my original drawing is hilarious.

And now to sleep, for I am quite tired.

August 24th , 2009

It's probably been about a year and a half by now... I remember people going, "I hope Megatron won't be gone for an entire year" and I scoffed at this. Well... he's back now. I would write more about it but I need to get to sleep. Safe to say I think this is one of the most important storyline panels I've drawn in a long, long time. I apologize for the sketchy drawings and lack of shading, I ran out of time.

August 20th , 2009

Thank you Coryonyx! Your comic came both at a time when I really needed one to post and I think it's a really nice tribute to the website. Thank you very much!

This week has been extremely busy for me, especially since I spent Monday night updating the comic already. These panels are very important and I don't want to rush them with a second rate job when they should really be the best shot possible. Also I love guest comics, they're amazing. Thank you to everyone that submits them, they brighten my day.

August 17th , 2009

So when I told Solara that since the comic was going to be posting late, she better make it 'amazing'. Then I might have said a few threat - inspiring words. And wow, is it ever amazing, you and Silverbolt did a fantastic job! I was very excited to see how they'd touch up the pictures and I think they might've outdone themselves on the quality. Thanks again guys! These comic panels are absolutely crucial.

Oh and on a non-TF sidenote, go and see District 9. Fantastic movie, can't recommend it enough.

August 13th , 2009

Thank you Tracker for a slightly delayed but nevertheless sweet comic. I had to work late a lot this week so it was nice to have something awesome to post for tomorrow's update. In other news since Perceptor did NOT say who the present was from, she probably assumes it was from Ratchet. An honest mistake and quite frankly once she returns the favour I will be sure to apologize to Perceptor in person.

August 10th , 2009

I had a lot of intentions for stuff I was going to do this weekend, but I was working, drawing, *cough* rock banding *cough* and the GI Joe movie so the comic is going up a little late tonight, but I took a lot of care in drawing it, even though it's not inked. See what you guys think. There will be a guest comic going up Thursday most likely as a couple more guest comics have come in and I want to post everything I get :) This will let me take some more time for next Monday's update too. Things are getting really close and dangerous!

August 2nd , 2009

Yes the birth of Bluestreak had me in hysterics, although the creation of Ironhide was really funny too. For anyone that's seen the real paintings or took art history class, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

August 1st , 2009

Thank you Melody for ths wonderful comic. ..hey wait a second, is that me as a mermaid? ...and with long hair!?

July 31st , 2009

Thank you Ikaika for showcasing Grimlock! (and Wheelie)
This is honestly what I wish really would've happened when those two met.


July 30th , 2009

Hmmm.... nudity or no nudity. Jazz IS a very persuasive autobot after all...

Thank you Prowl for this hilarious comic! Smokescreen watching TV while smoking energon with prawns was all too funny.

July 29th , 2009

"THIS. IS. IPOD." had me in absolute stitches. Well not literally. But it is super funny. Thank you so much Silverbolt! Please check out the forums if you'd like to comment on any of these amazing comics.

July 28th , 2009

Guest Comic day 2 - Taurucis. A first time submitter, I wonder if this is a subtle yet good point about the movie transformers vs. Generation 1. *cough*
...Look how tiny Prime is... it's like robot heroes vs. the other toys...

July 27th , 2009

Guest Comic day 1 - Sunstorm. Thank you so much for this submission, I can't get enough of Sunstorm's artstyle, I think it really adds to the flavours of her comics.

And so Comics in Disguise becomes another year old. I can't believe it's already been 3 years, 2 years with steady updates. That's kind of... insane really, I can't believe how much I love drawing them.

July 23rd , 2009

So the guest comics are starting to come in - ideally I want to start them running Monday. I decided probably a weekend extension before the CiD 3rd anniversary was a good idea because I didn't give you guys enough warning in advance before I decided to do a guest week and I want as many comics as possible! Thank you to those that have already submitted. It is never too late - keep them coming please!

Is this possibly the cruelest cliffhanger I've ever done before a guest comic week? Quite possibly... think of it as part 1 of a season finale......

July 20th , 2009

Very tried.. it's extremely late right now but I just couldn't not post a storyline update tonight, so I drew, inked and coloured the whole thing starting at about 10:30pm tonight. The storyline just would not go away on the weekend when I was trying to think up a one-shot comic to post instead. Especially since it was this conversation between Thundercracker and Springer that started all the way back at the very end of the Dedication storyline.

July 16th , 2009

Calling all comicers! I will be accepting guest comics for our 3rd year anniversary starting July 24th. Please send all comics to I will try to feature everyone that sends something in. Thank you!

Oh yes and as Astrotrain is cringing, please try to keep all the comics at least to a PG level for the website.

In the meantime Starscream either has something up his sleeve or is resigned to his fate. I think Soundwave might have used Starscream's own pride against him...

July 13th , 2009

'Happy(?)' Monday everyone... Well it will officially be Monday in a few minutes here. An out of continuity comic today - another idea I've always had swimming around that I've never had a chance to do before. I got the idea when my car was installed with an auto-starter a few years ago. For a climate where the winter lasts up to 6+ months, it's the best invention in the world. And thank you to a certain someone that suggested I also add in the immobilizer :)
In our city cars are now getting put in with them for free - when someone tries to start the car without the proper key the car will just shut down. I can't believe CiD's bday is just around the corner - July 24th.

July 9th , 2009

I missed Rumble and Frenzy, they're so small yet so sassy. In the original cartoon Rumble was probably the only Decepticon that could ever give Megatron sass and get away with it.

Thank you Silverbolt for the wonderful inking and colouring. See you all Monday!

July 6th , 2009

Sorry it is once again very late, but I'd like to thank everyone that contributed to the posting of this comic, without you guys I never would've been able to post a storyline comic. Thank you Zatnik/Starscream for inking and drawing from my crappily done sketches, thank you Miss Mandy/Rumble and Solara who stayed up very late colouring. I appreciate all of it. It's because of all our fans and supporters that makes this comic so rewarding to work on.

July 2nd , 2009

Happy Canada day everyone! (well it was yesterday, but tonight is my update night) I would write more right now but it's 1:30am and I better get to bed. Had a fantastic day, spent all of Tuesday night drawing/colouring as well. I had debated holding back the comic to tomorrow evening and going to sleep earlier tonight but I couldn't wait - I hope you enjoy it!

June 29th , 2009

Well Sunday I finally got the chance to see Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. And .... just wow. Super entertaining, tons of robots... It had a lot of the same feel of the original G1 cartoon.. it was freaking awesome guys. For some reason the reviews are slamming it when quite frankly, I thought it was above and beyond the original movie. Sure Michael Bay has the subtlety of a rampaging dinobot and there were a lot of human scenes/dialogue that were unecessary and/or that I thought were in pretty poor taste. But all that aside the robots were awesome. The fights were awesome. The robots actually had personalities - and Megatron and Starscream talked... and had the same G1 relationship. I won't ruin it for anyone by giving away spoilers but there were moments when my inner fan was ridiculously happy. If you are a fan of Transformers - please go see it. It gave me hope for the movie franchise.

June 25th , 2009

Sorry this is going to be a bit short as I need to get to drawing Monday's comic! I'm all psyched about it I've shut myself off from the world for the evening. Whenever I don't get a chance to draw for a couple of days I get very twitchy.

Oh yes and the vampires and robots was an actual suggestion I received... though I doubt it's sincerity.

I am feeling much... much better today though. I actually went to the doctor's (First Aid) and got some medicine.

June 22nd , 2009

Well I felt like I had to do it, what with the movie coming out in just a few days now I felt a bit of a pre-movie comic was in order. The inspiration for this comic came from a good discussion I had where the other party was trying to reason that maybe Michael Bay wasn't the huge jerk everyone thought he was, just what he was building himself as in the media. The reason for this statement was because he sent a couple letters to Paramont complaining that they weren't promoting Transformers 2 enough, and sent a previous letter complaining that the new Terminator movie also featured giant robots...

Now apparently he has recinded his earlier letter to paramount and sent them a new one rethanking them for their work. While it would've been extremely easy to point fingers and laugh at Michael Bay along with everyone else, I decided to give him some slight credit... after all, he is making a movie for us and he never promised it would be inspiring or a documentary, or even good. It's just entertainment. ...And it has Peter Cullen. (And Frank Welker I believe)

On an unrelated note I have quite the cold so I am signing off early. (Well early for me... which is quite late... I sound like Christian Bale in Batman: The Dark Knight)

June 18th , 2009

Thank you Silverbolt! It's very late so I'm going to make this brief, update and head to bed. Went to an Offspring concert tonight - was awesome. I think my ears are going to be ringing for a while.

The comic tonight was originally going to be split up with the last one, where Sunstreaker and Bee have a conversation beforehand, how Sunstreaker caught TC's reflection in Blitzwing's eyes, thus dodged out of the way. But it seemed sort of unecessary and slowing things down, taking the focus of TC and his internal monologue. Feel free to say differently, I always enjoy constructive criticism.

June 15th , 2009

Very tired... slightly concussed from hockey (so I hope today's comic makes sense). Accidently getting hit in the head with a skate is not a particularly pleasant experience, but I think I'm all right. But the comic is completed, I apologize for not having it inked, I wanted to keep it to myself for this update because of the complicated flash backs. Bee's speech at the very end is sort of resonating how I feel about the whole 'till all are one' slogan that I think was first used in the 1986 movie? Otherwise it's just sort of depressing thinking of it as 'until all are one with the matrix' (and presumably dead).

June 11th , 2009

Ok, so after reading the forums these past couple of days, I had some renewed inspiration to draw today's update and thanks to Silverbolt inking and colouring I think it looks pretty good. I had some really good suggestions like a plot synopsis (I've been thinking about using it in the archives, dividing up the archives into the storylines.)

Thanks everyone for reading the comic and making it so much fun to work on. Even if my co-worker who continually makes fun of me for it mentioned today at the office that he thinks I don't update it enough... lol

June 8th , 2009

This comic is sort of dedicated to one of my co-workers. He is usually making fun of me and often brings up the comic to further make fun of me at the office when he is bored. Except something he told me on Friday: "Whenever I look at your comic, it's deep into some story line where I have no reference for it and I have no idea what's going on." Although I generally don't pay attention to this co-worker, this actually made me think a little. It's true that if a new reader looks at the current storyline during the story updates it could be pretty intimidating to go back and read all the way through. There was always a good line that someone at Marvel said where every issue of Spiderman would be easily integrated enough if someone was reading it for the first time. Now naturally because the comic goes page by page instead of issue by issue this is very challenging and if I explained everything each page it would also get very monotonous. So I decided to kind of meet it half way and put in more one-shot comics while boosting the storyline to pull it along quicker so that new readers would have enough mini comics to read while they caught up with things. I am always trying to make sure the readers get the best experience possible.

I originally told myself I would stick to story arcs because otherwise I would be putting up unfunny comics (when I would run out of ideas) and I didn't want to bring down the quality just because "I needed the joke" or I felt like updating was too much of a chore. And I enjoy writing so the storylines are perfect for me and I like doing the more serious stuff with them. But I also like doing the joke comics instead. I mean come on, just watch the original cartoon for one episode and you'll see how 'serious' the show was. That being said, it's up to you if my stuff is actually funny or maybe it's a hopeless case, but either way it's always a good learning experience and we'll see how it goes. I love getting feedback and I know I am behind at answering some fanmail >_< but I do read everything and I do intend to answer as soon as I am able. Feel free to send me anything :) I love hearing from people. Ratchet out.

June 4th , 2009

I really need to do another week soon, I have a ton of new screenshots. Those were always a lot of fun I'd just need to plan in advance. I think personally kool-aid week was my favourite, although Autobot falling week sort of kick started the whole thing. Thanks a ton to Silverbolt for deciphering my scribbles and notes to ink/colour the comic. I would not have had time for it otherwise so thank you!

All these action scenes are pretty labour intensive to draw but I like it, I'm finally able to draw the comic more to how I've always wanted. (And get hopefully a little more sleep in the process)
Have a great weekend everyone!

June 1st , 2009

Well June 1st... How time flies. Sorry for the out of continuity comic this week guys, but this is something I've been wanting to do since I saw Terminator last weekend and I was busy this weekend so I didn't get a chance to do any drawing. (Well not to the level I'd need them at) So I shall aim for a continuity update this Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy!

May 28th , 2009

Can you believe it's almost June? ...The weather hasn't really been nice enough here for me to believe it so it sort of snuck up on me. I tried to at least shade this comic a little since none of it is inked. I think in a way that gives it its own 'style' so to speak... It's not inked because I find Thursday are a little tight to give Silverbolt enough time to ink/colour the whole thing during the week.

Anyhow, I better upload and head to bed, it is pretty late. Ahhh the summer.

May 25th , 2009

I really don't know how I could ever keep up with Twitter - a lot of people seem to love it but I have a hard enough time just keeping up with my own website to want to dictate my life to my computer. Anyhow, technology rant off... I'm going to get myself a decent cellphone this weekend, people have told me my current one is a bit of an antique.

It's been a bit of a crazy week actually, but writing/drawing/colouring this comic has actually been really relaxing. It keeps reminding me why I do it. Well that and it's a good outlet for me. Thank you again to Silverbolt for inking/colouring the Smokescreen/Ratchet scenes. I thought it would be a good constrast to have the Bee/Sunstreaker parts in a different style to differentiate to go back to the previous panel with both scenes going on at the same time.
Oh yes and welcome back to the storyline T.C.

May 18th , 2009

So it's Monday (well it will be when most of you read this probably) and I'm most likely sleeping. I had a fantastic small trip, it was really great to get out of the city for a couple of days and just sit around and talk to people and relax. I've always wanted to post Silverbolt/Zatnik's comics with the flavour text they send me before I wipe it out and put in the real text and now that there's enough of it and everyone's seen what the real comics are, I thought it would be funny to put up since I just got back and haven't had any time to draw. I hope you guys find them as funny as I do. It almost seemed a shame that until now I was the only person to enjoy them.

May 14th , 2009

Whew it's been a bit of a long, tiring week. And because I don't want to disappoint my co-worker, I gotta do some more work too before I head to bed!
Thanks Silverbolt for inking and colouring the comic on such short notice!

I was originally going to have a lot more to this scene, but didn't want to clutter it with peripherals, because it really is about Smokescreen and his breakdown. I probably could've followed up with more Sunstreaker in the background but didn't have the time for this update >_<. I'll be out of town for the long weekend, so expect an out of continuity comic for Monday :)

May 11th , 2009

Two months later... I finally get the news section fully up to date. (Separating the months as they should be) Thank you again to Silverbolt for inking and colouring the Sunstreaker panels... I wonder if you had any idea what was going to be going on in the rest of the comic? Usually of late because of time constraints comics are approx. two pages each. This one was four. I wrote out the entire scene in advance because I really wanted to give you guys something good to read after a few in-between comics that were necessary to move the plot along. I hope you like it, I really enjoyed writing/drawing this one.
I try to sometimes give the comics a little more than just surface deep meaning, so I was going for a parallel between Ratchet and Smokescreen's conversation and Sunstreaker's actions.

May 7th , 2009

Very late again and I'm also very tired... Thank you Silverbolt for inking the comic, I'm sorry again I got it to you late yesterday, it's been a bit of a busy week.

This comic is dedicated to everyone who at one point or other, has been called out. (And in front of people)

May 4th , 2009

Must.. separate... news....

Very tired right now though as it is quite late. Hopefully I will have a more insightful news post up tomorrow. It reminds me of the 'good ol' days though' of when I used to do everything by myself how late it would make me stay up. (Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the help I get?) is an unofficial generation 1 transformers fan site and dedicated to all of you who, like myself, grew up watching the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out. The comics are mainly based off the original cartoon series which began in 1984.


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